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DASH ——  when you look up his name it should stand for lucky or survivor.  This very lucky survivor is DASH, a 5 year old male cat that had the extremely good fortune to show up at the home of a local veterinary technician, who was able to catch him and get him in immediately for some very necessary veterinary care.  If DASH could tell you his story, well then we would all know what happened to this handsome feline, but for now, all we know is he was involved in some sort of fight with another animal and he is now recovering from multiple bite wounds on his head and body, certainly using up at least one of his 9 lives!!!  DASH is on the mend and is slowly learning that humans are good and will take care of him.  He did test positive for FIV, so he will need to be the only cat in his household or live with another FIV positive cat.  Please stop by to meet this sweet guy and see if you might be the right home for DASH.

Breed Domestic Shorthair
Age 5 years old
Sex Male
Color Black & white
Spayed/Neutered yes