This handsome hunk is CHANCE.  He is thought to be about 9 months old and is a Pit mix.  CHANCE has a story to tell but so far he’s not shared with us as to how he ended up in a ditch, suffering from exposure, dehydrated, emaciated and with bite wounds, probably only a few days away from death.  Thankfully local law enforcement contacted us and we were able to give CHANCE the much needed 2nd chance he so deserves.  This sweet boy came in weighing just under 29 pounds and is now 37.5 pounds but still needs to gain another 10 – 15 pounds.  While we don’t know how this nice boy ended up in this tough spot, we do know that part of his life is now behind him.  CHANCE has spent the last 6 weeks recovering in a foster home, gaining weight and learning how to be a good dog from the 3 resident dogs in the home.  He loves to play with the 2 year old male Golden and is very respectful of the 2 senior dogs in the home.  CHANCE is still working on house training and is about 90% house broken.  He does not like going outside when it is raining or storming, so that is a factor in his on going training.  Because CHANCE missed out on some meals, he does exhibit some food aggression and is fed separately from the other dogs in his foster home.  This has improved immensely but will need to be monitored and addressed in his adoptive home and because of this, we feel CHANCE would do best in a home where children are older than toddlers (so he can’t grab their food).  CHANCE is also too interested in cats, so a cat free home is required.   This wonderful boy would love a home where he can sleep in bed with his humans and snuggle on the couch.  CHANCE is a great guy who really wants to be good and is just waiting for the perfect home where he can grow into the amazing dog we all know he can be.  Who wants to give this boy a chance?    He’s a bit of a work in progress, but he is worth the time and effort and will repay your kindness with a lifetime of love and devotion and some doggie kisses. CHANCE has now completed his vetting and is available for adoption.

Breed Pit mix
Age 9 months
Sex Male
Color Gray brindle
Spayed/Neutered yes