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This handsome little guy is ENZO, one of EVA’s seven puppies who will soon be old enough to look for his own forever home.  ENZO had a bit of a rough start to life as he and his siblings were born under a porch as strays but thankfully were found and safely transferred to HOPE where this little family has been in a foster home for the past month.  ENZO is easy to spot as he is the only all white/cream color pup in the litter.  He is a happy little guy who learned quickly how to escape the kiddie pool so he could join mom for some extra time and food.  We are still learning about the puppies personalities as their eyes just opened a week or so ago and their teeth have just come in, so they are quickly learning about all things puppy.  Right now they do a ton of sleep, eat, poop, pee, sleep, eat, poop, pee and repeat throughout the day.  We will update will more info including what the breed mix is as we have sent in a DNA test for this litter.  They should be ready for adoption in about a month, so feel free to submit an application if you are looking for a puppy, but remember puppies are a ton of work and need a lot of time, attention and training so they can live their best lives.

Breed Shepherd mix
Age 4 weeks
Sex Male
Color White and cream
Spayed/Neutered no