Adoption Process & Fees

Adoption Process & Fees

The adoption process at H.O.P.E. Animal Shelter begins with coming to the shelter, of course! We encourage you, and any family members to come introduce yourself to the cat or dog you might be interested in adopting. Plan to spend some time with the animal to get to know them better because pictures on the website can only reveal so much. Each animal has their own personality and temperament, so you'll want to pet the cat out of its cage and take the dog for a walk. The decision to adopt an animal is a serious decision; we want you to make the best choice for you and your family. The animals deserve a family who wants a pet to be a part of their everyday life.

While we want to find homes for all the animals in our care, we do have guidelines to help with our goal to provide good, loving, forever homes. This starts with the completion of an adoption application. Fill it out online or ask us to mail you one or fill it out at the shelter. The adoption form helps us provide some "pet matching" if you are undecided on a specific dog or cat.

All applications are reviewed in a timely manner, but you should not expect to come to the shelter and take an animal home the same day. Once approved, the following fees apply: WE ACCEPT CASH OR CHECKS ONLY! NO DEBIT or CREDIT CARDS.

Puppies & Adult (3 months – 7 years) $100
Seniors (over 7 years old) $50
Kittens (2-6 months) $75
Adults (6 months – 7 years) $65
Seniors (over 7 years old) $35

These fees go toward the care of your animal while we help them find a new home.

$10 INTAKE FEE - For 1st 24 hours
$10/DAY BOARDING FEE – Each additional day
IMPORTANT: It is our policy to put any adoptable strays up for adoption after 4-7 days of their arrival (animals with ID are held longer).