Foster for H.O.P.E.


If you are interested in opening your home to help homeless pets, please contact either the HOPE Director or Manager at (906)932-1511 or Please note that all new foster homes may require an in-person visit by one of HOPE’s staff or core volunteers.
This way, they will talk you through the fostering and adoption processes and provide you with all the supplies that you need.

How do I start?
To begin, read the Foster Care Overview. Then, you will need to complete a Foster Care Application and sign a Foster Care Agreement. After HOPE receives both of these documents, you will be contacted to set up a time to meet.

Foster Care Overview
Foster Care is a critical component of the HOPE’s plan to save lives. When you decide to open your home to a foster pet you embrace “rescue.” Foster care is intended to be a temporary situation – as little as a few weeks or for some special needs pets it could stretch to 6 months or longer.

All intake will be handled by the HOPE Staff. Foster homes will be contacted after new pets have undergone an initial exam and assessment.


Foster Homes will be provided with all necessary supplies and food.


Cats: In order to foster kittens or cats you will need to quarantine them from your own pets. This may mean keeping them in a separate room (a basement room, spare bedroom, laundry room) and possibly in a large cage in that room. This will allow you to monitor their litter boxes, food, and water. It is expected that the litter boxes will be cleaned daily and food/water refreshed daily.
Dogs: Dogs and puppies will not go into foster care until their medical status is confirmed.
This may mean a simple exam, vaccinations and/or behavioral assessment. Dogs’ needs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Foster Dogs and Puppies need to be monitored during feedings and interaction with your own pets.

You will be provided with a Foster Log that contains information on your foster pet and you are required to keep it current. You will also receive any relevant copies of their medical records and instructions on follow-up care and/or medications. Occasionally you might need to provide daily medications—please let us know if you are not comfortable with this so that we arrange that you foster animals without ailments or have a back-up lined up in case they need to be transferred.

Any medical/behavioral concerns should be reported to HOPE’s Director or Management
Staff immediately. (Examples: Diarrhea, vomiting, aggression)

Vet Care
All veterinary care should be coordinated through one of our veterinary partners. All veterinary procedures and costs need to be pre-approved by HOPE.

Meetings with Prospective Adopters
We encourage you have prospective adopters come to your home to meet the animal. Prospective adopters will need to complete the adoption application in advance of the meeting.

HOPE will pre-screen the Adoption Application prior to them coming to your home. Generally, it takes approximately 1-2 business days to process the background/ vet reference checks, so it may delay the meeting, but it also provides the potential adopter time to reflect on the commitment that caring for a pet entails. If you prefer, you may bring the pet to a neutral location for a meeting. HOPE has experienced more ‘natural’ behavior when the pet is kept in the foster home for the visit, since it’s in a familiar environment, but HOPE is happy to accommodate you to make you as comfortable as possible.
HOPE prefers that at least one adult is at your home with you when prospective adopters come to visit, as a safety precaution.

Adoption Application Process
The adopter may complete the Adoption Application from the HOPE Web site. They can then drop of their completed application.
The foster care home’s opinion on whether the potential adopter is the best fit is a critical component to the process. You’ve developed a relationship with the pet, and HOPE values your input.
There may be a 24-hour wait period after that adopter meets the pet(s). HOPE trusts your judgment in evaluating prospective adopters after meeting them, and would want to discuss this with you before final approval of the new adoptive home.

HOPE staff, board members, and volunteers are always available to discuss any concerns you may have, at any time. If at any time you have a question, concern, feedback, or the foster arrangement isn’t working, please do NOT hesitate to let HOPE know. HOPE Animal Shelter is appreciative of you opening your heart and home to this pet, and wants to make sure it’s best for you and the adoptable pet. Foster Homes allows HOPE to help more area

Online application not complete yet. Please click and print this version out in the meantime:    Foster Applic


FOSTER AGREEMENT  (for your review only, will sign at HOPE once application is accepted)