MAPLE- Adoption Pending!

Maple is a 1 year old shorthair that was brought in with her litter of kittens.  Maple is a very reserved cat, who keeps a clean cage and kinda does her own thing. She would benefit from a quieter home. Once she knows she is safe, she turns into a real sweetheart. Maple loves attention, she just needs a little time to warm up to you. At this time, we are unsure how she would do with other animals.


DOTTIE is a younger short hair found on Washington St. She is a petite cat, and take a look at those whiskers!! She would prefer a home with no other cats, and no small children. Dottie isn’t afraid to let you know when she has enough attention. Overall Dottie is a sweet cat, with a lot of personailty.


ECHO is a 2 year old medium hair cat that was surrendered to the shelter. He is a beautiful cat with a lot of personality. Echo can be a bit sassy when he gets over stimulated, so he would do best in a bigger quiet home with no children.  He shows interest in other cats, but doesn’t like doggy friends. Echo would make a good mouser as he loves to chase things, and has a fair amount of energy. He can be a scaredy cat, so patience is key.


HEAVEN is a 1-2 year old female domestic short hair that was found stray on Evans St in Ironwood recently. She is a petite cat, who loves attention. She can be a little timid at first, but is still adjusting to new surroundings. Heaven is mostly black, but has very unique tabby stripe markings.


ROGUE is a 6 year old larger shorthair that was recently surrendered with JAGR. She is an independent cat, who does love attention.  She did come from a multi-cat household, but would prefer to be the only cat.