LITTLE JOE-Adoption Pending!

LITLLE JOE is a 3 year old spaniel mix that was found stray in Ironwood. Joe is a special little guy, as it seems he didn’t have the best life before coming to us.  After a few days, we gave him a bath and noticed he doesn’t like being touched in certain areas around his head/face. With that it would be best if he went to a home with NO small children. He can be very shy at times, but is a real sweetheart. Little Joe is just looking for a quiet home, where he can spend his days relaxing and receiving the love he deserves.

TYSON-Adoption Pending!

TYSON is an 11 month old bully breed dog who was found stray on Bundy St in Ironwood. He is a happy go lucky pup with the sweetest personality. Tyson is still a little unsure of loud noises, and new places but he doesn’t take long to warm up. Tyson seems to enjoy the company of other dogs, just as much as people. He loves to run around outside and play, and when he gets the “zoomies” we can’t help but laugh.


SNOW is a 1 year old Husky mix that was surrendered recently. She is a beautiful dog with lots of personality. Snow does need a home with older children or children who are familiar with dogs as she does struggle with some resource guarding. She LOVES people, and seems to be okay around other dogs. Snow would benefit from additional training, and a loving active family. She loves to give kisses and play with her toys.  Snow needs a cat free home.


ROMEO is an 11 month old bully breed pup that was surrendered recently. Romeo is a very handsome guy. He can be timid in new situations, or around loud noises but with time he will find his confidence. Romeo would make a very loving companion, as he always wants to be around people. He has made great strides since his first day here, he learned it’s okay to play with toys and most importantly to trust. Romeo is eager to please, and loves food. He does need to learn some manners, but overall he is the sweetest pup with lots of love to give. Romeo would do best in a home with children over 10yrs old. He does get along with other dogs, but needs to learn boundaries at play time.


ANN is a 5 year old hound mix who was found in Iron Belt recently with DAN. Ann is a very sweet girl, who loves a good snuggle.  Don’t let her fool you though, she is still spunky and loves to run around and play.


DAN is a 2 year old hound mix that was found stray in Iron Belt recently with ANN.  When he came in he was very skinny, but we are seeing improvement in his weight everyday! Dan is a happy go lucky guy, who enjoys to play with Ann and the staff here. He is a big guy, and like most hounds can be a little mouthy so he would need to be supervised around young children. Dan is a great dog, with so much love to give. He does have a lot of energy so he would thrive with an active family!


TWIX is a 2 year old mixed breed dog that was brought to the shelter. It is pretty clear Twix has had a rough life, and from what we know she was used primarily for breeding.  She doesn’t let it stop her though, once she feels safe with you she is the SWEETEST dog.  It does take a little while for Twix to warm up, and she seems to be more cautious around men. But a few meet and greets, and patience is all it will take to win her over.  When she gets excited her whole body gets the wiggles, and it really is the cutest thing. Sadly, Twix will need to be the only dog in the home as she has shown reactivity toward other dogs on multiple occasions.

CLEO – Adoption Pending!

CLEO is a 2-4 year old bully breed dog who was brought to the shelter recently from the same home as LIZZIE where they were primarily kept outdoors. Cleo is a friendly dog, with a lot of energy. She loves to run around and play. Cleo has a lot of spunk and personality, which can be over whelming at times. She loves people, and any kind of attention. Cleo hasn’t shown any interest in making doggy friends since coming to the shelter.  Cleo would make a great companion for an active family, who likes to go for walks but would also let her curl up on the couch next to them at home. She loves to learn, is very eager to please and even knows a handful of commands.


LIZZIE  is a 6 year old bully breed dog that was brought to the shelter recently. She is a very happy girl, who loves people.  Lizzie can be vocal when she really really wants your attention, as she doesn’t like being left alone for long. Lizzie spent a lot of time outside before coming to the shelter, so she wouldn’t mind having her own spot on your couch. She is an energetic dog, and a very quick learner. Lizzie could use some work with manners, but with guidance and of course TREATS she will do just fine!


SCOOBY is a 1 year old male American Bulldog / Pit Bull Terrier mix that was recently surrendered. He is a big, friendly dog that is just getting used to being at the shelter. He knows his basic commands but will need some leash training. Scooby would do best as the only pet in the home, and no young children as he is a big guy who doesn’t know his size. He is a good boy, who is really looking for his place in the world. Scooby would love a home where he can be active, but also get a lot of attention. He responds well to training, and is eager to please. Scooby is starting to show signs of being dog selective, so he would need multiple meet and greets so he can decide if he feels comfortable around certain doggy friends.