This handsome canine is BABY CAKES (also known as BC), is a 2 year old male Husky/Lab/Irish Setter mix that was surrendered to HOPE when his family was no longer able to provide for him.  BABY CAKES is a very sweet boy who is a typical 2 year old with lots of energy to burn.  He is good with cats but is selective around other dogs, more so with other males, so proper introductions are very important .  BABY CAKES did live as an indoor dog and is good with children and seems to be house broken and crate trained.  Please stop by to meet this handsome canine and see if he might be a good fit for your home.


This handsome canine is BRUNO, a 7 month old male Lab / Pit mix that was surrendered to HOPE so he could find a forever home.  BRUNO is a very sweet guy who loves to play and gets along well with other dogs and children although he would probably do best with children who are older than toddlers as he is a high energy guy who can forget how big and strong he is.  Please stop by to meet this young guy and see if he might be a good fit for your home.


This handsome hunk is CHASE, a one year old neutered male American Bulldog who is looking for a forever home of his own.  CHASE is a sweet boy who is good with his human caretakers.  This sweet boy is still deciding what his preferences are when it comes to having canine friends but he has decided that he does not want to live with cats in his forever home.  Please stop by to meet this handsome boy and see if he might be a good fit for your home.  CHASE is ready for adoption, could you be his forever home?


This sweet canine is BAILEY SUE, a 2.5 year old female Setter/Springer/Pit mix that was saved by a good samaritan after she had gotten away from her owner.  BAILEY SUE has now made her way to HOPE so she can find a forever home that is better suited to her needs.  This beautiful girl seems to be good with humans and is said to be house trained and good with children.  Her only known issue is that she likes to run if given the chance and will dash through any open door so she can go on an adventure.  BAILEY SUE does seem to have some of the typical setter/springer traits and seems like she would be a fun dog to train and work with.   Please stop by to meet this sweetheart and see if she might be a good fit for your home.


This handsome dude is named JAKE and he is a 5 year old Blue Healer/Pit mix.  JAKE made his way to HOPE so he could find a new forever family where he can be the only dog and receive all of the love and attention he craves.  This sweet boy will do best as the only animal in his home as he is reactive to other dogs, especially males and he can not live with cats.  He is very friendly with humans and did live with children, however, any children in the home must be teenage or older.  JAKE loves to play fetch and is a nice boy who needs some stability in his life and someone who is willing to work with him so he can be the great dog we all know he can be.  Who has room in their home and heart for this big lug??  JAKE would do best in a one person home with no access to any other animals.  A generous supporter has paid for JAKE’S adoption fee, please discuss with staff.


Handsome ROXFORD, also known as Rocky or Rocco, is a four year old neutered male mix of some sort, who has made his way to HOPE so he can find a new home.  Rocky is a very sweet guy, who lived with a family.  He was an only dog in his home, so he is selective on his canine companions and would  do best in a home where he is the only dog again.  He has shown too much interest in cats, so probably cats are a no go and because he can be reactive to other dogs, any children should be teenaged or older.  Rocky is housebroken and does walk okay on leash after some initial pulling.  He is accustomed to living in a home with a family, so he is familiar with car rides, couches and treats….did we mention Rocky LOVES treats!!  Who is ready to bring this sweet guy home with them and provide him with a new forever home??  Rocky would love to repay you with a lifetime of snuggles and licks.  ROXFORD”S adoption fee has been paid for by a generous supporter.  Please ask staff for details.


Darling DAN is a 2 year old male hound mix that was found as a stray in Iron Belt while out on an adventure with ANN, but without any human companions.  They have both made their way to HOPE and are awaiting their forever homes.  When Dan came in he was very skinny, but we are seeing improvement in his weight everyday as he is a good eater!  Dan is a happy go lucky guy, who enjoys playing with Ann and the staff here.  This handsome fella is a big, young guy, and like most hounds, he can be a little mouthy, so he will need to be supervised around young children and would benefit from a refresher on training. We haven’t tested Dan with cats yet, so they are an unknown.  He seems to like his female dog friends better than his male dog friends.  Dan is a great young dog, with so much potential and love to give, he will thrive in a home.  He does have a lot of energy so he would do best with an active family that wants to work with and train a handsome young hound dog.  Dan would love to use his hound nose in scent work and unlike the hound in Elvis’s song “he’s not crying all the time”.  Who is ready to bring this sweet boy home??  DAN’s adoption fee has been paid by a generous supporter.  Please ask our staff for details.